It's already 42 years

It's already 42 years

Traces of Fe y Alegría in Nicaragua back in 1974 with the opening of our first school: the Roberto Clemente School that today includes more than 1,500 students in Ciudad Sandino. Our work since its inception has been a bridge to provide quality education and in that foundational year we wanted to provide education to children who were victims of the earthquake. 

“We are the tools for change”

The Center “Núcleo Educativo Rural La Asunción Fe y Alegría (NER)” provides quality education for more  than 1,300 students in primary and high school as well as preschool and a so-called multigrade school. Furthermore it develops community processes with impact on the various problems affecting the whole society. Thus sensitize the youth in trainings and workshops.

From rebel to responsible role model

As a teenager he was almost expelled from school. He was feared for his outrage and admired for his speaking talent. Fernando comes from a difficult and stressful environment. Thanks to understanding teachers as well as due to his own motivation and strength, the rebel turned into a gifted communicator.

Fe y Alegría

We are a movement of Integral Popular Education and Social Promotion, which has a strong commitment to be possible into human right to a quality education for girls, boys, adolescents and youth form the poorest sectors of our country. We provide opportunities for early childhood education, primary, secondary and technical education; training to teacher and improving the education conditions.

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Ayudanos a continuar nuestros proyectosWith your help we can continue to change lives to more than 11,000 children and adolescents throughout the country.
Fe y Alegría Nic
Misa inaugural con la Comunidad educativa del centro San Francisco Xavier #EntodoAmaryServir
Fe y Alegría Nic
"Sin educación es difícil soñar futuro" P. Francisco en la #JMJ2019
Fe y Alegría Nic
Desde Fe y Alegría les deseamos una feliz navidad. Pidamos al Señor que ha nacido nos llene de paz y esperanza.
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